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Hack Crisis Management Plattform


Our story of participating with the Hack platform at #theGlobalHack

After we pitched our idea of the HACK Crisis Management to the German Hackathon #wirVSvirus, we now participated at #TheGlobalHack. Four minutes before the deadline we submitted the ‘HACK Crisis Management Platform’ prototype against Covid-19.


We are way further than we were during our previous hackathon and made the team even more international; Malta, Ukraine, Rumania and Hong Kong, with the rest of the team in Germany. We are now at the stage of having connected to various international data bases to our platform, so that we integrate all the vital and most importantly valid information and statistics into our crisis management cockpit. Additionally we were able to establish further collaborations with teams from the first hackathon of the German government, who wanted to become part of this project. This way we were able to establish a strategic foundation, which now is leading us to the first HACK prototype.


The first technical application has been programmed onto our local computing centre by our partner Florian Dörfler, which is allowing us to take the next step. At the end of April we will be participating at another hackathon that will be organised by the European Commission. Here, we would like to have the HACK Crisis Management Platform at the stage, where we are able to present a live demonstration.


Thank you to the whole team, and everyone who has been supporting us this far.


We would be very grateful, if you could view our concept and leave a like and a comment. Additionally it would amazing if you could share it on your networks. Please use to following provided video links for that.





Contact person: Klaus Schwägerl, +49 171 604 9047


On a side-note all of our other contributions can also be found on our YouTube channel.

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