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HACK Crisis Management Plattform

April 2nd 2020 Goosebumps and excitement - last weekend at the Hackathon #wirVSvirus organised by the German government - together against COVID-19.

The hackathon #wirVSvirus organised under the umbrella of the German government was taking place from the 20.03.2020 - 22.03.2020 and we participated. Read about our experience here and have a look at our linked videos on YouTube, and we’d greatly appreciate a comment and like.

We, the Projektfabrik and their connected partners, have been working on the topic of crisis management since the ‘Deepwater Horizon’ catastrophe in 2010. The aim is and was, to gather the knowledge of the crowd over the internet and help solve the problems of our planet - virtual, connected and a bound to a honour codex.


Since then we have created a groundwork of identifying experts, valid data bases and statistics as  source of information. We found people, who are able to help create this crisis management tool through their experience and expertise. Together with universities we also created research proposals of our concept, and even though receiving positive feedback, initially we fell short due to on one hand no clearly identified end user, as well as too small of backing resources. Nonetheless, we are carrying on to pursue the concept idea, until we the time seems right. This seems to be the case right now.


On Friday 20.03.2020 the hackathon #wirVSvirus was announced. We were positively surprised, as we would not have thought politics would take such a step and take patronage of this action. 43.000 people participated in the hackathon, without the promise of a prize money, to collectively find and develop solutions against the COVID-19 virus.


We, that is Bianca (Berlin), who works as Pitch-Coach and joined the team through the hackathon platform, and worked on how we could pitch this idea on the platform. Florian (Hong Kong), a talented Designer, who animated the concept video back in 2018, and created a new COVID-19 version, which was then submitted 5 minutes before the deadline. That’s how it works. We were able to submit two videos, and now hope that these may be selected by the hackathon jury.


What’s next? We have gathered valid solutions from the submissions and connected ourselves to the individuals who created them. We now need the support from the other members of the hackathon. We need now to use a strategic approach used for a fast prototyping of the HACK crisis management platform.


For the background of our concept find our video (German only) here, where the concept is described in more detail.

The good news: We applied for the next Hackathon: as of April 09th-12th 2020

We would be very grateful, if you could view our concept and leave a like and a comment. Additionally it would amazing if you could share the news on your networks. Please use to following provided video links for that.


Animation Video:




Contact person: Klaus Schwägerl, +49 171 604 9047

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