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Ensuring tax and regulatory compliance requirements, awarded with the „Best of Signet DMS  2017“ by the Innovationspreis IT competition




Ensuring Compliance requirements are leading the daily business more and more. Violation may cause deprivation of generally accepted accounting principles up to personal and private liabilty from the complete board of directors. Violation against Data Protection regulations may cause the liabilty up to 20 Mio € or 4% of the consolidated corporate revenue. But honestly, who knows with regards to the mass of IT applications, or especially department IT, where and how data has been stored and how long will be the retention time for these data. Don't run the risk!


We are adressing from practice to practice data transparency with our product. We company you with a interdisziplinary team of experts through assessments of tax authorities or data protection authorities. We archive your data in a private cloud environment according to the compliance requirements. We inform, when data is out of retention period. You decide which data can be erased according to your companies retention policies.

Well known tax accountants confirmed the compliance of our solution.

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